Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Made in America should be important to you. It means higher paid better quality jobs for you and your family. It means longer lasting quality products.

The loss of manufacturing jobs in America is more than a statistic. This loss contributes to the erosion of the middle class and hardship for many towns.

Many imported products face little or no inspection upon entry into America. The recent increase in recalls with no recourse is all too common.

Of course there are great products made overseas, but we hope that you consider products that are made in America first. Just as making environmentally friendly decisions are important, so is your consideration of products that are made in the USA.


Made By Hand

Many of the nutritive ingredients that we use must be handled with the care that only a pair of loving hands can offer. These ingredients are fresh and pure. They vary from time to time in color, density, scent and texture.


Small Batches

If you are trying our products for the first time, there are some things you should know to feel more comfortable with the benefits that nature has to offer you. 

We use the purest ingredients to make our unique shampoos, conditioners, creams, gels and much more. Just as nutritive ingredients vary, so does the appearance, texture, feel, scent and color of our products. This is a good thing and is another way that you can be sure that you are getting all the benefits of the nutritive ingredients.


Labeling, Packaging & Our Brochures are Made by Hand

In accordance with our principles of making our products by hand, we follow this in all parts of production. We use people to make our labels and brochures. Each are cut and applied by hand to each product.

We use nutritive inks, starch peanuts and all of our containers are recyclable. We chose the packaging very carefully to ensure that the ingredients are protected and fresh.

Always mindful of the ecological impact of packaging, we use recyclable materials. We purchase them as close to us as possible to reduce fossil fuel used in their transport. 

Although it is not feasible yet to eliminate all the packaging, we strive to minimize the impact on the world around us.


Why Not Use More Glass Containers?

Although glass is beautiful and recyclable it is not perfect. Glass containers have several disadvantages. 

First they weigh substantially more which leads to the increased use of fossil fuels for their transportation.

Second they can break if the product inside them becomes frozen during delivery.

Third they can be dangerous especially in the bathroom or shower area if they fall and break.